From Laparoscopy to Laparotomy

I was confident that my original gynecologist could do a great job removing the cyst. He had said the obgyn that did the first surgery should’ve put a bag around the cyst so it would rupture in the bag and not my abdomen. It’s like the seeds were planted all throughout my belly for this horrible disease to spread like wildfire. That being said, lets move on to laparoscopy #2. I got that good stuff again, the IV was in my hand this time. I woke up feeling good. Not too much pain. Great. Then my husband came into recovery and told me the bad news. Nothing was done. He had looked around and decided I needed to have a laparotomy. That’s right, cut open from hip to hip!!!

We went to my original gyno’s office to chat. When my cyst grew back, it had wrapped around my intestines and then stuck everything together. It was like a solid block of organs. He explained that it was probably adding to my discomfort. He also said if there were any adhesions from the endo, he wouldn’t remove them. He didn’t think it would help me, because it could add more adhesions. Made sense at the time.

I was devastated. This meant I wasn’t doing IVF in June! My laparotomy was scheduled two weeks later May 26, 2011. Finally, a reason for my pain and bathroom problems. There were times I felt like I should have a comfy toilet seat put in with cable TV. Glad I had an iPhone. I could at least keep up with friends via text and email.

So I figured that if I was having major surgery, I was going to my family doctor to get a check up and blood work. My doctor didn’t recognize me. He walked right passed the exam room, looked at me, saw my new last name and didn’t recognized me. I had lost a total of 50LBs since September. He was alarmed and called my original gyno to ask if he was aware of my weight loss. He said I got married, of course I went on a diet (really?). Then he asked me for my Gastroenterologist’s phone number and got him on the phone and asked him the same thing, same answer. Only my family doctor was alarmed, he’s known me for over 20 years and knew that I always ran on the chubby side. I was 125LBs! God I looked good. He demanded a colonoscopy (wasn’t that nice of him) which was the week before my surgery. Maybe I’ll write about that one day, right now, I’d rather not talk about that, other than to say, they found nothing and I woke up easily again (Propofol).

May 26, 2011, off to the hospital at 5am to be there by 6am. I was beyond nervous. I got my IV, a gown that had built in heat, (pretty cool) and that good stuff. They no sooner gave me that stuff, I was out cold!

I don’t remember the recovery room, I woke up in a room upstairs for my overnight stay. I had a urinary catheter in for the rest of the day. I was hooked up to a morphine drip. Apparently, the nurse told me how to give myself a double dose, not a good idea! I remember a bunch of students coming in the room to look at my surgical site (teaching hospital) and I vaguely remember my aunt and cousin coming to visit. I honestly thought I dreamt that. The next day I slept because I was too drugged. So they gave me a pill instead, dilauded. Yup, out like a light! I spiked a fever and they were concerned that I’d get pneumonia, so off to radiology, on another floor. I just slept the whole time. They gave me some plastic breathing thing, I was supposed to exhale into the mouthpiece and get the ball to float at a certain spot. This was to prevent pneumonia. My husband is a saint! He stayed with me at the hospital for two days! He woke me every hour to use this contraption and once my blood pressure went back up, he walked me around. A friend came to visit, but I barely remember if I spoke to her. So sad.

Once I was home, I needed a lot of help getting up I had no muscle, they were completely cut through. My incision was in the bikini line and almost went from hip to hip. It hurt, almost a burning sensation. I did better on the couch, I could roll off of it to get up. I remember my folks came to visit us and bring lunch or dinner. They were talking about who was on my watch for Tuesday. What? Wait a minute, I went in on a Thursday, it was Monday and I didn’t know it. Memorial day weekend was over. I called my boss after a week to tell her I was going to be out a little longer, maybe 2 more weeks. I was then unemployed.


About our last embryo

I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF twice, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile.
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