IVF September-October 2011

On September 16th, a new cycle started.

My husband was there for every visit with me.  We went in on day 2, for the usual blood and ultrasound and to hand them the full payment, (almost $10, 000).  They take the blood in the early morning and have the results by 1pm.  All of my levels were normal, so, I started the injections that evening.  It was Follistim 225 units and Menopur .75cc.  I chickened out, I could not give myself an injection.  My husband gave me the shots in my upper thigh (that was one site or my stomach was the other).  The needles were small, but when he gave me the Menopur, it burned awfully.   We alternated thighs the next night and kept everything the same.  We went in again for bloods and ultrasound on the 19th. My right ovary was 15mm in size and my left 8mm with my cyst/endometrioma which was 2.6mm. I was starting to feel a little bloated. More than we women get every month. Now we needed closer monitoring.  Back in the next day.  Bloods were looking good and the RE said I was “cooking”. They altered the dose of the Follistim to 125. Back the next day for another ultrasound. September 21st, I had Follies, follicles, each of which may have had an egg in them.  I had a few on each side that were 12-15mm and a half dozen more under 10mm.  We started a 3rd shot, Ganorelix. This stuff was very expensive and we had to pay for it out of pocket. It was to prevent ovulation from occurring.  The Follistim went up to 175 and the Menopur down to 1/2cc, it still stung. My poor husband!  We did ice prior to the shots, but 3 were a lot for me to handle every night.  The bloating was rough.

The original RE,(Dr. By the book), is only in the office 2 days a week.  We saw the an associate for most of the cycle, who is in the office 3 days a week.  Everytime we were there, we always saw an associate RE, even on Sunday.

A week after starting the cycle, I had 10 follicles over 15mm, 2 at 19mm. The next day my follicles were over 18-21mm, gave the Ganorelix when I got home that morning, while we waited for the bloods to get back.   We were about to find out what time to give the HCG shot, called the trigger shot, that would force ovulation for the exact time of the egg retrieval on Monday morning. We did the injection at 10pm.

The Egg Retrieval was scheduled for 11am, Monday September 26, 2011. I was bloated and so looking forward to some relief.  We had stayed in a hotel the night before because it was an hour and a half away and we didn’t know what the traffic would be like, we played it safe.  The nurses there checked our ID’s  and my husband had to do his thing there.  I can only imagine how uncomfortable that was to do.  It was time to do this.  The nurses asked me all of the usual preanesthetic questions, placed my IV catheter and started the fluids. My husband held my hand as fear started to come over me.  I was rolled down the hall and I think I was out before I got to the OR.  I woke up well, no nausea, still feeling bloated and gassy.  The RE said he aspirated my endometrioma.

They retrieved 11 eggs.  There’s no relaxation now, progesterone started that night.  We had that donated to us.  It wasn’t in injectable form.  Not that pleasant.

10 mature eggs, 8 fertilized.  We were elated.  The plan was to do day 3 embryo transfer, unless we move to day 5, called the blastocyst stage.  By the next day, I had some nausea, diarrhea and hot flashes, must’ve been the progesterone. Yuck.

Day 3 came and we were heading out to get our embryo transferred into my uterus.  We were happy and probably both a little scared.  We were almost there, my cell rang and this is what I heard, ‘We’re moving to blast, see you Saturday”.   Hooray, blast is a good sign!  So we turned around and went home.

October 1st! Back in the car and very excited, we went to meet our embryo.  We decided with the RE that, due to my age (38) and other possible health issues (they don’t deal with), we would only transfer one embryo.  Multiple pregnancies isn’t recommended.

The nurses checked and checked our ID’s and then a BB Blastocyst was inserted into my uterus.  We went to IHOP to celebrate and wait. The next day, I started the estrogen patch and continued the progesterone and rested.

Monday, we went to the office for blood work and they told us that we have 2 other embryos that made it and they would be frozen.  I was looking for symptoms.  I had a few by the end of the week.  But I didn’t think it worked.  We would go in Monday for the pregnancy Beta test.

October 10th, 2011, we were pregnant.  My Beta was 51.  My sense of smell was so intense, everything made me nauseous.  I immediately made an appointment with the hematologist to start me on Lovenox, for my MTHFR.   I went in on Tuesday and she told me to wait for a heartbeat and she’d call it into my pharmacy.

And as fast as it began, it was over.  Wednesday, I had blood drawn again and it was down to 25.  It was slipping away.  I got my period on October 16th.  And with it came pains I didn’t know were possible.  I got the cramps, shooting leg pains, back pain and now, chills and a migraine.  Thank god I had my first day of work on the 20th!

I had a chemical pregnancy. It was still real, very real.  I was devastated, my husband wasn’t.  He is more of a science-based person, he looks at it as it’s called, a chemical pregnancy and I am the emotional one. I felt the life of the embryo in my belly. Yes it’s a ball of cells, but they were our ball of cells, our greatest quality embryo, out of only 3! It was sad for both of us, either way.

   This beautiful photo taken by my husband, whom I love with all my heart and wouldn’t be here with out him.


About our last embryo

I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF twice, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile.
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