The CT Scan

www.virtualmedicalcentre.comSo there I am in the hospital waiting for my Ct scan, doubled over in pain. I mistakenly had gone in through the emergency room entrance. I was in a room, a doctor did an exam and had recommended an ultrasound. Oh how I wish I had stayed there. Someone, I don’t know if it was a nurse or an admin, came in and said the clinic doctor called and I was supposed to be in the admitting area. So they took me back there where I had to drink that god -awefull liquid chalk! I waited hours. My husband and my parents were with me. We were all concerned. Now, I’ve always had a fear of medications and needles. I’m used to it now. The scan included a dye(contrast) which is a very strange experience . I don’t even think I can describe it, other than a warm fluid is running through your veins all at once. It feels so strange, it kind of took my breath away for a second. The nurse actually held my hand when she injected it. I’ll never forget that. So afterwards I went back to the clinic and that doctor told me I had Diverticulitis. He prescribed Flagyl, which if you’ve ever taken it, you know is terrible and starts to melt as soon as you touch it. And he prescribed Cipro. I hate antibiotics! I guess I need to see a Gastroenterologist if I have this bowel problem! Wait til you hear what he tells me!


About our last embryo

I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF twice, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile.
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