FET – frozen embryo transfer Feb 2012

This time I was so sure it would work! After the chemical pregnancy, the RE put me on Synthroid. He said that that could be a factor in the early pregnancy loss, besides, it may just be a chromosomal abnormality. I started it in November, and have been on it ever since. (I wonder if I can go off it now). I even visited a psychic. I won’t name the name, but its a well known medium. I was told I was going the have twins, one of each, a boy and a girl. So, when we decided to do the FET, we said we wanted to transfer our two remaining embryos, instead of one at a time. This cycle we had an associate RE that we met with.  I’ll call him Dr. Bow-tie.  He is a sweetheart.

About a year ago, on February 12, 2012, we began out “cryo” cycle.  I had to put 2 estrogen patches on that day and call in. We went in the next day for blood and ultrasound. Holy cow did that hurt. I went home, took an Advil and a nap. Extra estrogen is no fun, I cried and was bloated, among other things. But I won’t get into that now.

By this time, I had begun spotting on and off during the month.  I had told my original gynecologist and he said it was because of the endo. OK. I thought I had mentioned it to the RE. The pain was bad, I started working with crystals, having acupuncture, going to the chiropractor and reiki.  It all helped, a little.  I had another ultrasound on the 23rd, my lining was 8mm, getting there. On the 26th, we started the progesterone shots. I may devote a blog to these, ouch. Then I spotted a little again, then a little more.  I had insomnia some nights. Dr. Bow-tie had recommended we stop the cycle because of the spotting.  I was told I was going to have twins, so we decided only to put one of our two remaining embryos in there.

March 2nd, ET day! Off we went to the same place again, an hour and a half drive. Excited again. They asked to see our ID’s and checked the embryo’s ID’s and off we went into the OR for the transfer.  My husband came with me into the room, he held my hand as they explained everything.  The ultrasound technician was to locate my uterus, while the doctor placed the embryo inside.  You are supposed to be able to see the tip of the catheter on the ultrasound.  They had trouble.  Trouble was very painful, I almost told them to stop.  Maybe I should have.  Due to the amount of scar tissue that had built up in my bikini line area, they couldn’t find the tip of the catheter, so they wouldn’t be able to see if the embryo goes in the right spot.  The doctor came, took over for the tech and found it, causing tremendous pain, but there it was on the screen and, through my tears, I saw it go in!

By March 9th, the end of the week, I had all of the same feelings/symptoms.  My number one sign has been a day where I just can’t stand my husband.  So I POAS(Peed on a stick) and saw 2 blue lines and it was at night.  The next morning, 2 lines again!  I knew it, it worked!  Monday, March 12, 2012, the blood test came back at 79!  Woohoo, that’s a good number. The next day, I had gas again and a little cramping.  It happened again…Wednesday it was down to 49. It was over by March 18th.

I was left with a clean up now, from the patches. I put two patches on every other day. Talk about a mess. Sticky.  You know when you have a band aid on under clothes, you get the colors of your clothing on the adhesive, it turns black, and then it doesn’t come off? Yes, I had that in several places on both sides of my lower abdomen. It was very frustrating trying to get it off.  I used Q Tips with alcohol, even nail polish remover.  My skin was red and irritated, just like I was.

And then there was one.

Here are some uplifting words/lyrics for you, courtesy of Jason Mraz.  One of my favorite songs, I’ve included a live link from his show in Paris last year at the bottom.  It’s a truly inspiring song. Thank you for reading my friends.

“Climb up over the top, survey the  state of the soul.  You’ve got  to find out for yourself, whether or not you’re truly trying Why not, give it a shot?  Shake it, take control and inevitably find out for yourself, all the strengths you  have inside of you.”




About our last embryo

I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF twice, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile.
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