During these last 3+ years, I have endured pain, no woman (or man for that matter), should ever have to. I am a different person inside and out. I was almost ruined, destroyed. I thought I was going crazy at one point and so did my husband. No joke! I think it’s the endo that wreaks havoc on your autoimmune system and you think you’re going crazy. How could there possibly be these extraordinary pains?

I had the LEEP done in December 2009 for high grade cervical dysplasia. Which seems to have been curative.

After I had the first Lap in 2010, I started feeling more pain, but I also started having more panic attacks. I had been on antidepressants since 1996 and went off them so we could have a child. I hated them, I hate taking any pills. I tried to take them again in November, but I felt a little queasy the first night and the second night I got sick to my stomach and that began a whirlwind of hospital and doctors visits. I was misdiagnosed with diverticulitis again. No, now it’s IBD, GERD, acid reflux. Yup, still have acid reflux, my bottle of tums is on my night stand.

Then, 2011 came along and I had the endoscopy, lap#2, colonoscopy, the big laparotomy, and the ER (egg retrieval). 5 times! Anesthesia 5 times! 4 times in 3 months (March & May), and then in September, a pregnancy loss.

2012 brought another pregnancy loss and 2 surgeries, and two totally different anesthesia experiences that I already wrote about.

I have a few constants in my life, my husband, my parents, my dogs, my beliefs and my love for music. “Everything is sound” Jason Mraz


About our last embryo

I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF twice, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile.
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