It’s time to go Gluten free:-(

All I can keep asking myself and my family is, what am I going to eat now?
I already had such a limited diet. It just got a whole lot smaller.
After years of having food sensitivities and allergies, I finally went to an allergist this morning. We discussed everything, including our plans for IVF and the immunosuppressant drugs. I explained my food issues. He sympathized with me on my diet problems. He was very kind, funny and knowledgable. He explained the difference between Celiacs and wheat sensitivities. We discussed that corn, rice and wheat are grains, that i seem to have sensitivities too. We discussed symptoms. Then he asked what I hope to accomplish today. I explained that I’ve had so many food sensitivities that I wish I could test to see if I’m really allergic to them or if its a sensitivity. Like rice, every time I eat rice, I feel like its stuck in my throat and then it feels like its swelling and my only relief is to stick my finger down my throat to try to vomit and dislodge it. The last time I did that was in the 1990’s I think.
He tested me for four things. Main ingredients in all of life in my opinion; eggs, milk, wheat and rice. Woah! Needles. I guess I have to get used to these in the next few weeks anyway. They’re insulin needles anyway, quite tiny. He stuck the first one in and I felt a little pin prick, then the second and the third one stung as soon as he put it in and then it burned and itched. The fourth stung too but not as much. Then off I went to wait the 15 minutes.
My arm was itchy!!! He called me back in to take a look and I had 2 hives. Wheat and milk!!! Lucky me! He mentioned that I should try to go gluten free for two weeks before I go on prednisone. Well, that isn’t going to happen, but I understand why he said that. Prednisone is the mac daddy of allergy treatment. Super steroid will knock out any allergy I may have.
To go gluten free is one thing, but add milk free to it and I’m in full panic mode. I had already stopped drinking and cooking with milk, but isn’t butter made from milk? Aren’t medications made with lactose? Holy cow! Gluten free? I’ve been avoiding this for a few years, because I eat bread all the time. A hard roll for breakfast and lunch or I have white bread (I had already suspected a wheat intolerance) and breadcrumbs on my flounder. Not to mention I love saltines.
I went to Wild By Nature, the only grocery store nearby that has a large selection of gluten free foods, it’s pretty expensive. I picked up some gluten, wheat and corn free, made with Quinoa (whatever that is) spaghetti, soy, gluten and dairy free butter. I got some potato flour and some other flour that I will use to make a cake. I’m telling you now, there’s no way I’m going sugar free! I had my staple meal tonight. Rotisserie chicken and potatoes, boring but safe.
I guess this means no more ice cream?


About our last embryo

I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF twice, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile.
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11 Responses to It’s time to go Gluten free:-(

  1. Best of luck with your dietary changes. I know you are motivated, and will get through this. And please share any yummy recipes that work for you!!

  2. cmdcupcake says:

    Good luck…. its going to suck. I havent made the plunge yet either, too chicken shit.

  3. redbluebird says:

    Ugh, that sucks. But you can do it! I’ve been eating gluten free for a while (to battle against autoimmune reactions). It’s probably easier for me, since I’m not a huge bread fan. I do miss it sometimes, but it gets easier. Gluten free products are often expensive, but it’s more cost effective (and usually healthier) to just eat naturally gluten free foods. I’ve used brown rice flour for baking a few times. There are gluten-free bread crumbs. Cutting out dairy would be REALLY hard for me. But for butter, I use soy-free earth balance, which is dairy free. I’d be happy to share recipes/replacement ingredients with you if you’d like. Good luck!

    • Thank you. I just bought the Earth Balance soy free spread. It’s very hard for me not to use butter. I was already avoiding milk, well, except for in I’ve cream. I bought potato flour to thicken gravy and some other flour that’s gluten and wheat free to make a poundcake. So expensive. I’m totally freaking out now. I am addicted to bread. Omg. Would love to trade recipes. Have an extremely small food range though. 🙂

  4. Just found your blog from our FB group. I went gluten free a while ago. It takes some getting used to but it’s not bad. Do you have a Trader Joes? There and at Whole Foods you can request a list for all of the gluten free products in the whole store. Ice cream made with coconut milk is awesome. Also love almond and hazelnut milk (though most things are calcium enriched so you have to be careful when it comes to spacing them with thyroid meds). Message me if you have questions:)

  5. rachelmeeks says:

    It may seem a bit expensive at first, but I’ve found that it really isn’t that much more expensive than processed things. Plus you’ll save on at least some medical expenses because you will feel better pretty quick, and it’s great for your immune and digestive systems. Try to enjoy the new noms! 🙂

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