Nightmare getting fertility drugs

I have had the worst time trying to get the 3 of the most important medications for this IVF cycle; Follistim, Ganorelix and the HCG trigger shot. This is a long post and i apologize in advance, but i have to get this out!
As I’ve said, I went to the doctor on Friday to start my cycle. I was handed two prescriptions for the drugs I can get at the local pharmacy (prednisone and Femara). The rest of the fertility drugs and meds went to a pharmacy in Brooklyn that all of the RE’s use, Kraupners. They called me at 1pm to tell me they got my prescriptions and will call later to confirm delivery and get details. They still had my information in the computer, but this time, I gave them my insurance (which I didn’t have in 2011). They didn’t call back until 5:45pm, long after the doctor left his office. Kraupners told me that I have to go through Caremark(cvs) and use their mail order pharmacy. Plus, I needed doctor authorization for the fertility drugs. So, I hung up and called Caremark. First, I had to get through the computer system to get to a human. Then I got switched to the specialty pharmacy. I told them what Kraupners had told me about authorizations and they said that Kraupners only put the Ganorelix in the computer, they didn’t have a clue what other meds were there. The advice they gave me was to call Kraupners back and have them run everything in the computer to see what I need authorizations for. Then, I could get the doctor to authorize what needed to be authorized and they could do a one-time override and allow Kraupners to deliver it all. Sounded so easy.
Here’s the thing. The doctor usually has some Saturday morning hours, except this weekend (he had an important family event). So, I called and left a message with the service. I know to most people it’s not an emergency, but when you’re told to make sure you inject Lovenox in the morning on Monday and it’s Friday evening, it is a serious emergency.
I called Kraupners to tell them to run all of the fertility drugs in the computer so Caremark can see it and so we know what needs authorization. I called them by 6:40pm. The man that answered told me to call back in 20 minutes. When I did, no one answered the phone. It rang and rang and rang some more. I was sitting on my bed with my mouth open in shock. They were supposed to be open until 7:30pm and at 7 pm they weren’t there. I called every 2 minutes! I was beside myself.
I had to go to work Saturday morning and left my husband with the Caremark card and the numbers and names of who I spoke with.
By 10am, he was texting me like crazy because he wasn’t getting any answers from the doctors office or Caremark. He finally had to have Krauptners bring whatever they could and we had to buy the Follistim so that we had it for Monday night. We spent around $1000 total for the copay’s and $839 for the one cartridge of Follistim. So, we did get the Lovenox (generic) that we needed for Monday morning, estrace, doxy, clindamycin, and Valium (which I’m surprised about since its a controlled substance). Caremark told my husband that they needed the authorizations and new prescriptions for those three drugs. They also said that they could ship the drugs to our local CVS, which is ideal, because we both work. I could pick it up on my way home Tuesday. I still needed to call them to make sure they do a rush shipment and probably to confirm what my husband already told them.
We composed an email to the doctor, per the nurse’s instructions as they don’t give authorizations on weekends, because the insurance companies are closed. It included all of the phone numbers and what he needed to do. I thanked him and wished him a good weekend. I was calming down a little once I knew the Follistim and Lovenox were in the house. I am mad that we had to pay for it though, about $420 per shot!
This morning (Monday), I called the doctors office, but they weren’t in yet, so I called Caremark. I finally got a human and have her my health insurance information after I explained everything again. She also said they could deliver the meds to the local CVS to pick up. That’s twice! Sounds good to me. Now we just had to wait for the doctor to authorize everything and it could be shipped.
I called the doctor’s office again to pester them, or warn them? Either way, they had to know about Caremark. The nurse called me a little while later, telling me the doctor authorized everything and faxed the prescriptions to Caremark. She also said that they were the worst prescription company to deal with and that I should call them to confirm that they got everything. I did. I waited for my break at work and called the number she gave me. Then I was transferred to the fertility pharmacy number to make sure they have everything. I was on hold for 28 minutes! When I finally got someone, she was very nasty and I’m being very nice about this. First, when she asked me where I wanted the drugs shipped, i said i thought that was in the computer that we wanted it delivered to the local CVS store. She practically bit my head off, “we don’t do that, unless you’re an employee.” I replied that both my husband and I were told that that was a possibility, she said “I don’t know who told you that, must’ve been customer service, but they were wrong.” I could almost hear her head moving as she said that with a royal attitude! I didn’t know what to do, it needed a signature, my dogs don’t know how to sign or open the door for strangers. I can’t ask my mom to wait around all day for a package, besides we’ve had issues getting some deliveries, sometimes having a PO Box is more of a hassle. I finally had to give my work address, the main office as I can’t take deliveries where I work (remote location). I told my boss at the end of the day to keep an eye out and let me know when it arrives. Then, she asked me what my allergies to meds and food are. I started my list and paused for a moment to think, she assumed I was done and started telling me something about the delivery, I had to interrupt her, which made her even more rude, to tell her about my latex sensitivity. She said they were going to make sure they have everything and then run it through insurance to get payment, they’ll call me to let me know. Holy cow, I really am mad that I didn’t get her name! Not even a minute later someone calls back and tells me that I can’t have the Ganirelix or HCG as they both contain latex, they need two new prescriptions or the doctors approval. I seriously almost cried right then and there! I asked “now what do I do?” They said they had to call the doctors office to get new prescriptions and authorizations. I swear! So I just said, “then straighten this out with them.” I called the doctors office and got the same woman again. By now, I’m sure I wasn’t pleasant. I apologized to her if I sound crazy, but this is ridiculous. I told her to tell everyone there, that if someone has Caremark, they should start ordering a week or more ahead of time to prevent this from happening to someone else. I explained what happened this time. That they’d be calling, that I’m at my wits end and I can’t possibly keep buying the Follistim. Luckily for her, I had a customer and had to go. I almost started to sob! She called about 15 minutes later and told me they gave them new scripts for Novarel (in place of the HCG shot) and Cetrotide (in place of the Ganorelix). Great! Done!
I went home and told my husband it was all taken care of. Or so I thought. At 7:09pm, my phone rings, it’s Caremark again. Now, they still can’t send anything because they still need an authorization for the Cetrotide. WHAT? I stood up and asked that poor unsuspecting caller what the hell was wrong with Caremark? Why would It be so difficult to get 3 medications that aren’t controlled substances to me? These are time sensitive shots that I need in order to have a child. Why is a prescription not enough? Weren’t they just on the phone with the doctor around 3:30pm? How could they not get that authorization then? How come they waited until 7pm to call when the doctor is long gone? I must’ve sounded like a lunatic and I’m not even on the FSH yet (well, I am now). God help them if I have to deal with them tomorrow! So the woman on the other end apologized and said they would ship the Follistim and Novarel and call for the authorization tomorrow. I just said thanks and hung up. I’m so fed up with them. At least I had the follistim for tonight and I won’t need the Cetrotide until the end of the week. This better be solved by tomorrow. I’m so warn out.
*******Update!!! Wednesday…we finally got the last of the injections,Cetrotide, this afternoon. We’re all set to finish out this cycle and have a baby(or two).
All this time, I was so stressed about these medications getting to my house. At least if I have leftover meds, I can donate them to someone who needs them!


About our last embryo

I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF twice, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile.
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8 Responses to Nightmare getting fertility drugs

  1. alittle524 says:

    The next time you have to get mail order Rx. Go through Freedom Fertility, that’s who I went through and NEVER had any problems… Good luck!!

  2. newtoivf says:

    Jeez, what a nightmare! Good thing you’re not going through something really stressful that needs you to remain calm huh?!!

  3. katherinea12 says:

    Oh.My.Goodness. What a nightmare! You should get some serious props for remaining relatively calm and nice through that whole mess. And anyone who works for a fertility pharmacy should know better than to give a woman on hormone medications or stressed out by infertility a bad time…never a good idea.

    Hope you get the meds as promised and things get better!

  4. amykristin75 says:

    What a nightmare! I hate it when they need doctor’s authorization. Shouldn’t the prescription WRITTEN BY THE DOCTOR count as an authorization? They have to call him to see if he really meant it or not?
    My fertility meds are a mixed bag. Some have to be done mail order and some can be done at the pharmacy. Some can only be filled at the pharmacy a certain number of times, and then they have to be done mail order.

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