My progress so far-hopefully no more tears

Last night I had what I’m pretty sure was an anxiety attack. The right side of my face was tingling and felt numb to my ear and eye. It was right after the injection. My husband got me a cold washcloth to put on my face and he wonderfully held my hand and reminded me to breathe. It’s been a rough few days emotionally. It was either brought on by the stress of getting our injections we needed on time (which we did get the last one yesterday afternoon) or it could be the stress I’m feeling because I can’t take off work for two days and drive the 5 hours to go to one of my dearest friend’s father’s funeral or services tomorrow and Saturday (I’m trying not to cry again), or even the appointment tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the first follicle check since I started the stimulation injections. For those who don’t know about IVF, the goal of it all is to have a lot of follicles grow on your ovaries, most of which (hopefully) contain a viable egg inside. The doctor checks the amount that I have on each side and measures them too. Plus, the uterine lining should be thickening up and then they take my blood to check the Estrogen/progesterone levels to see how my body is responding to the drugs. I’ve done this before and we had, what I thought was a good response, 11 eggs, 10 were mature, 8 fertilized, but only 3 made it to the Blastocyst/embryo stage. Then I find out someone else got over 10 embryos! I’m just hoping for the same response with better quality (well, one really great one would be best). I won’t get into all of that, as I don’t think I could even explain it. Here’s an excellent link to explain the blast stage
Anyway, let me update everyone on the progress I think I’ve made.
I started Femara and Prednisone on Friday, Sunday night/ early Monday morning, I woke up with a hot flash and was sweating terribly. Just so you know, I don’t really sweat since I got Hashimoto’s for some reason. It took over a half hour to get comfortable again and then I laughed thinking about what I have to look forward to later on in life (ok maybe not that far away now). But other than that, not too much else. I’ve been a little tired around dinner, after I take the prednisone.
Monday we added injections. My husband does the injecting, I’ll mix or prepare, but I can’t seem to stab myself with a needle. Anyway! My hubby leaves the house by 6:30am, we inject at 6 or 6:15! The ice pack comes first, then when I’m ready, I pinch the skin on my belly, swipe the alcohol on it and hubby takes care of it. The first time we did the lovenox injection, about half way through, it started stinging/burning and then it lingered. It stung for at least 15 minutes. That is a weird feeling. Then I take my thyroid meds and get ready for my day at work. I take the baby aspirin with breakfast, an hour later. My stomach has to have something in it before I can take a pill. No more until dinner, when I take the prenatal, vitamin D and Prednisone. Monday night we also added the Follistim. We dial that pen all the way up! Again, I ice my inner thigh, pinch, swipe the alcohol, dial all the way to 450iu and this one pinches half way through. Last night was the first time it was a little painful afterward. And right before bed I take 2 little Femara pills. Repeat!
Tonight is the last night for the Femara. Tomorrow we may be adding the Ganorelix replacement Cetrotide to prevent ovulation. Then comes antibiotics, suppositories, etc.
I am feeling pretty good though. I’m crying a bit this week, not nauseous or too bloated, which I hope is a good thing. I’ve actually lost a few pounds since last week. It’s probably still from cutting out the wheat. I did notice I’m a little puffy around the belly button today, but it is much better than the first time we did IVF. I gained 15 pounds and it wasn’t OHSS, I ate a lot to fight the nausea. Now that I think of it, the nausea came with the suppositories/progesterone. We’ll see what happens. I’m trying really hard not to compare the two cycles. I am in much better condition now.
I’m praying for a bunch of follicles or “follies” that are around 14mm and growing tomorrow. Then it won’t be long!
I’m relieved that today, I do not have to call the doctor’s office or Caremark (and I bet they are too)!!!


About our last embryo

I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF twice, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile.
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