The great northeast blackout as I may remember it

Today is the ten year anniversary of the great northeast blackout (on August 14, 2003). I heard it on the news this morning. I immediately flashed back to that day.
It was hot and humid. I was not working because I had just had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. I had this bandage on my hand that scared the dogs! It looked like a giant white club. It’s what I learned in my veterinary science classes as a Robert Jones bandage. It’s basically when you use as many rolls of cotton, bandage wrap, and gauze as possible for padding and support.
I had just graduated from Suffolk community college with my third degree, an associates, for Veterinary Science. I had taken the New York State Boards and was waiting impatiently to find out if I was a licensed Veterinary Technician.
I was trying to stay inside in the air conditioning that day so my stitches wouldn’t sweat under that giant bandage and insulation. I was in the recliner and trying to relax. My German shepherd mix passed away in April. I had immediately put my name on a list for a black male standard poodle and was waiting for him to be born that August. My shepherd mix Andy had changed my life. I was trying to work in my field of communications, radio. However, the computers were taking over and there weren’t many jobs available. So during the week I had a job doing something that I didn’t enjoy and I worked at two radio stations on weekends. One of which I actually was on the air for two hours and then taped the rest of my breaks for the shift and went home. The other, I operated the board for syndicated shows on Sundays. I enjoyed it. We had a live show one Sunday. It was a pet talk show, I forget her name, but Dori and Gerta, from Save A Pet were being interviewed and talking about all of the dogs and cats that needed homes. I was sort of listening but not thinking much of it. Until they mentioned Andy, aka Mr. Bones, who was hit by a car and left with a mangled leg at the pound. His “family” went there to claim him and left him there when they saw his leg. I found myself waving at them and writing down his name. For some reason he was meant to be my dog! At the break I ran out and told them I wanted him. I gave them a dollar as good will and exchanged phone numbers.
I didn’t think about the lease agreement I was in that I couldn’t have dogs in my apartment. I didn’t think about how allergic I was to shedding dogs, or how much they eat or cost. I just knew I had to have him.
Because of him I switched careers, learned about rescue and the love these rescuers have for these animals. It’s greater than anything I’ve ever imagined. Above and beyond. As the song goes, if I had a million dollars… It would go mostly to rescues, especially Save A Pet in Port Jefferson, NY and a few poodle rescues. Who am I kidding? I need more than a million dollars to help them all. Not to mention money for low cost endometriosis excision surgery.
Back to August 14, 2003.
I moved back in with my parents (with Andy) after a brief time in our own apartment, which wasn’t fit for a dog to live in! After we put him to sleep, my moms dog went completely crazy. She would run out of the house every chance she got. She would go to every house where she had heard dogs barking, especially big dogs. And she escaped that day and made me run around with my giant club hand. I know you’re not supposed to run after a dog, but she was little and I have to make sure I direct traffic around her. She always ran across the street several times. Finally, I think we got the car and she jumped in. So we took her for a ride to the post office. Yes, we have to get our own mail out here in the boonies.
We lived less than a mile from the post office. When we got there, the lights were out. Didn’t think anything of it. Just thought maybe their AC broke and they were trying to keep cool.
There it was! I passed! I got a 91 on the state boards. I was officially a NYS LVT!
We got home and no power. The AC was it working. Crap! I thought. Hopefully my stitches won’t melt. I had my mom full the bathtub with about an inch of water for the two little dogs. When they’d pant, in they went. You’re supposed to cool their extremities first. Never soak a hot dog with cold water, they could go into shock.
We were all wondering if it was another terrorist attack. We got out the radio and listened for any updates or news, but nothing was said. Our power came on eventually and then we learned the entire northeast was without power. Ours was one of the first to come on. As it always is, and I’m so grateful for that.
Actually, I’m not sure if my moms dog ran away that day or the day of my surgery. But all of it happened, I know that.


About our last embryo

I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF twice, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile.
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2 Responses to The great northeast blackout as I may remember it

  1. Adenomyosis is Conquerable says:

    I just found your blog as I searched for ‘adenomyosis’. Sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough time with various gynaecological issues. It’s not easy. I wondered if you’ve ever done any reading or research into using natural progesterone? Not synthetic progestogens in BCP or coil form, but bio-identical, natural, organic progesterone from a cream? I’ve been using such a cream for about six months now, and it’s made a big difference in that the huge clots have been reduced to smaller clots, my tummy doesn’t get upset anymore during my period, my periods are not like something from a horror movie – they are still horrible, but not so horrible that I can’t even stand up. The cream I use contains “a concentration of 3.33% progesterone or 33.33 milligrams per gram”. Do you have lower back pain from the adenomyosis? The progesterone cream which I use has NOT helped with that. I find that adenomyosis just tires me out, but at least I can now stand up and walk around when I have my period. I wish you good luck! 🙂

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