Mammo Day

I had my very first mammogram on Wednesday. The baseline. I know I know, I should’ve done it a while ago. But I was a little busy in the last three years. Six surgeries, two IVFs and a FET (frozen cycle) along with the autoimmune issues. Nothing serious. (There’s that sarcasm again)
I had heard lots of stories about mammograms. I heard about twisting and squishing and pain and cold plates and people sitting on phone books to reach and, you name it. So, I was a little apprehensive.
My mom went with me for the company and support. We went to the hospital and to their breast cancer center. It’s lovely. Very pink. With pink and black glittery bras displayed in the waiting room. A while back they did a fundraiser and fashion show with bras. There was also a parade and a walk for the cure where women wore these specially designed bras for breast cancer awareness. Very cool.
Anyway, I checked in and gave them my insurance card. Then the receptionist said they just started doing 3D mammograms with the regular mammograms. But they’re not sure if insurance will pay for it. Great, all i could think was a bother payment plan. I would have to sign a waiver that I’d pay the fee.
Then she said it was $50. I signed the waiver and got a free pen too!
I barely sat down to wait, when I was called in. I can’t remember my radiologists name. I’m very bad with names. I apologize. But she was lovely. Sweet and caring. She walked me back to the changing room. She asked me a few questions about my breast health, family and medical history. Then I changed into my gown and sat to wait for her to come back.
She took me into my own private mammogram room within five minutes. I stood in front of the “shelf”or machine, I guess I have to research the name of it. Ah, it doesn’t matter at the moment. She placed my breasts in their proper spots (this was a bit odd, a perfect stranger manipulating your boobs) and then the squishing began. This plastic piece came down and pressed and a roller pulled in my skin towards the plastic thing which made me lean in a bit. But, it wasn’t that bad. It was definitely uncomfortable. My left breast was first. Then the right. Repeat for the armpits. She said I was the best patient, so relaxed. I had told her a little of what I have endured these last few years with my surgeries. She then understood that this (boob squishing mammogram) was nothing on the pain scale for me!i will not go too into the fact that we can’t wear deodorant and it was a hot day. As soon as I was able to get dressed, I used the “mammo wipes” they had in the dressing room and then threw on my deodorant!
Then we moved on to the radiology department. I needed to get a chest X-ray and an ultrasound of my thyroid as well.
The chest X-ray, my primary doctor recommended, because I complained that I couldn’t get a full breath while yawning. It’s been going on for years and he felt I needed a chest X-ray. I honestly think its the Hashimoto’s, because the women I’ve met with Hashimoto’s have similar symptoms. Don’t get me started on that again!
While I was signing in, I “happened” to tell my mom, loudly,”it would’ve been nice if you could’ve gotten an appointment today for your CT Scan, instead of having to come all the way back tomorrow.” My plan worked and they got her in. She’s ok, no worries!
The plan, when I made the appointment for all three (and incidentally, you don’t need an appointment for a chest X-ray, ever), was to go to breast center first (check), then get chest X-ray, followed by the ultrasound. But the ultrasound technician ruined their plan or rules. This made the radiology technician very mad!
It was the same woman who did my ultrasound in January 2012. She told me that! I thought to myself, gee, I must’ve made some impression on her if she remembered me after only meeting her once. I guess our topic of conversation was good, huh?
I sat on the bed/gurney in the ultrasound room. Of course the wall was filled with those 3D ultrasounds of the baby’s faces and baby ultrasounds and family pictures, complete with baby. But instead of crying or getting really pissed off like I usually do, I wasn’t that angry. I think I may be coming to terms with it all now. I may be growing up a little. Well, maybe. Let’s not be drastic!
She did my ultrasound, right side first then left. Nodules all still there. The good news, they’re the same size as last year. We’ll see what the endocrinologist has to say and then I’ll go find one that actually cares. (Yes, I’m still a little hostile).
When I went back to the waiting area, my mom was going back for her scan. And apparently, I missed a big scene. Everyone was talking about some guy and him freaking out on the receptionist and X-ray technician. Ok, I was next. Yikes. I never saw him. I mean I saw him in the waiting room before I went for my ultrasound, but he was fine then. It doesn’t matter, but I’m glad I missed it.
My X-ray technician was awesome. Three for three! She did complain that I was taken to ultrasound first. She said that everyone usually leaves after their ultrasounds. I mean, I can see why. You make a left out of the room and it sends you passed the radiology waiting room and out the door!
I explained to her that I’m not like everyone else, I know exactly why I’m there and wont leave until its all done. And, no there’s no chance I’m pregnant and then we had a grand ole time! She told me to take off my bra, (we can’t have underwires showing up where the lungs and heart should be). I took my bra off with out taking my shirt off. (And I put it back on without taking my shirt off too, I impressed myself).
Both views of my chest was taken and processed. She told me that my doctor should have the X-ray immediately because its all computerized now. My doctor wasn’t in yesterday and I don’t expect to hear from him unless there’s something bad. I’ll call him next week.
As for the other results, I’m assuming the mammogram results are in, but the hospital has to either mail or fax a report to the gynecologist office (an hour away), then they need to call me or mail me a letter telling me all is well or that I need a prescription for an ultrasound or MRI. Whatever. I’ll call them next week too. I am assuming that the endocrinologist will wait to tell me anything about my thyroid until I have the blood work done after being on a steady dose of Levothyroxine for six weeks. He wanted me on the 50mcg. I took it the first day and then halved it. I’m sorry, I don’t think there’s any reason to take double the dose that I feel good on. I’ve had no heart palpitations or pounding. I’m breathing ok. Pains are less (now that you know what is over). So I’ll see what my levels are when the six weeks are up. Of course he’s only testing the TSH and T4. I mean really!

About our last embryo

I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I have had two miscarriages. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile. Through these struggles, I had to unlearn and relearn many things, through spirituality and alternative healing modalities, I have begun the process of becoming who I am supposed to be. A healer.
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7 Responses to Mammo Day

  1. Nickie says:

    I have Hashimoto’s and I have the yawn/full breath problem. Have had it for a long time.

  2. Nickie says:

    I don’t know. It was so bad at one time my neuro got me an urgent appt with a cardiologist and a chest ct in case of embolism. It was like my chest had glue in it. Still have it but it isn’t as bad. It gets much worse when I take Vicodin. It also gets bad when my blood pressure or heart rate gets low.

    • I’m sorry you have it too. Interesting! I had an episode recently where I felt like I couldn’t breathe and got very dizzy and shaky at the same time. I had eaten breakfast, but my blood sugar was low. My mom came to pick me up and took it. After eating it was 72, that’s low for me. My parents are diabetics. I seem to go the opposite way.

    • My doctor still hasn’t called me about my chest X-ray, maybe I’ll call him later. I hope your endocrinologist is a good one! I’m still looking for one!

  3. Nickie says:

    I don’t have an endocrinologist. My TSH isn’t elevated so nobody will do anything about it.

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