Leaving 2013 behind, good riddance

This has been quite a year for everyone. For me, well, it has definitely not been boring. Let me summarize.
January, hubby and I were ready to do another FET with our last embryo. We got to my Endo doc and got the all clear and I had a normal ultrasound. Two weeks later at the RE’s office, they find hydrosalpinx. My Endo doc needed to see me ASAP. So within one month of the new year starting I had had three dates with the dildocam!
But instead of rushing into another surgery, the RE and my Endo doc decided another HSG would be a good idea, to confirm the blocked tube. I had that horrific painful procedure done(for the second time) in February and it confirmed my remaining tube was destroyed by hydrosalpinx, which needed to be removed surgically before any fertility treatments.
I started my blog on February 9th.
March 14th, I went into surgery to remove my last tube and last hope for any miracle baby. Endo was supposedly only at a stage 2 and was excised. Follow up after surgery went well and we got the ok again. March 19th I switched my blog to wordpress.
Early April we went to a reproductive immunologist for our final attempt at parenthood. And yet another date with the dildocam. (That’s 5). We were advised to go through another fresh IVF cycle, since our only remaining embryo wasn’t great quality. By the middle of April, I started acupuncture for endometriosis and fertility. I went to a new obgyn that was a high risk pregnancy doctor, but when I got to the office for my pap and to meet him, I found out I was meeting with his nurse practitioner/sister. She was
very educated and nice. I left disappointed that there isn’t any communication in that office. I did call and explain that I had Endo and that I was going to do IVF. On April 26th we transported our last embryo from Nassau county to NYC. And I found out I was allergic to wheat on the 29th and on April 30th I went gluten and wheat free. I dropped 20 pounds and have kept it off so far!
May 8th, I started my cycle. By day 3, I was having my baseline ultrasound. And a few more (I think that was 6,7 & 8). We were so hopeful that a fresh cycle would yield fresh embryos and our child. The cycle was fast. I started stimming on the 14th and by the 18th we triggered and retrieval was the 20th. We only got two. They did ICSI and fertilized. Only one made it to blast and it was perfect, it looked perfect. Transfer day was the 25th and our frozen embryo made it. Both were transferred. I remember that day as if it were today. 495 read on June 3rd that it was a bust!
We thought we should try once more by down regulating (birth control pills and lupron first). I made it to day 9 when the doc called to tell me I had yet another immune issue. I was done, I stopped the pill and waited for my period and broke my husbands heart as mine had already broken that day. It took me another six weeks to wean off the prednisone. It was very difficult because I felt so good on it!
July was a sad month for my family. We lost my moms dog and our other dog was diagnosed with heart failure. Nothing else really matters. Oh yeah went to see the endometriosis doc and had another date with Mr. Wand. I had scar tissue forming a pocket with fluid, otherwise, everything looked good.
August was an in eventful month, that I’m thankful for.
September 18th, I had my first mammogram and less than two weeks later I was having a second mammo and an ultrasound. Must keep an eye on it. I go back in March for my 6 month check.
In October, I donated my leftover fertility drugs to a fellow Endosister.
I had been feeling pretty good. Acupuncture and diet was definitely helping with my monthly pains.
By mid November, I had started bleeding during bowel movements and vomiting. I knew then that it was the Endo on my intestines now. But I was in denial. The only thing I could do was a liquid diet (for weeks). Then I had to purée everything.
By late December, a CT Scan was finally done and showed a cyst. I went back to the Endo doc for surgery less than two weeks ago. I’m still waiting for that post op report. And two days before surgery we put our old guy to sleep. I’m still heartbroken and miss him so much.
I had to get this all out now. I do not want to relive it or dwell as I normally do. I want next year to be a healthy one. I want to continue my healthy diet, start going to the gym once I get the ok, and fight Endo naturally! I will start meditating again and thinking positively and affirming my health and wellness. I pray for all of my fellow spoonies. We all have so many health issues, but that’s not who we are, it’s a big part of our lives, but it’s not all of it. Well, at least lets not make it so. One of the many things I did this year was this blog and I am so happy for those of you who have reached out and told me I helped you in some way. I’m blessed. Thank you. Another great thing I did was join twitter, which I swore I’d never do. I am so glad I did. I found a wonderful bunch of strong women who have struggled with Infertility, endometriosis, Hashimoto’s, Lyme, fibro and childlessness, just like me. I love you all. Sending love and light and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

About our last embryo

I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've had Lyme, Bell's Palsy and the Shingles before I was 25. I've done IVF, with and without immunosuppression and FET. I have had two miscarriages. I am married to my best friend and I am Infertile. Through these struggles, I had to unlearn and relearn many things, through spirituality and alternative healing modalities, I have begun the process of becoming who I am supposed to be. A healer.
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8 Responses to Leaving 2013 behind, good riddance

  1. katherinea12 says:

    I’m sorry for all that has happened throughout 2013 for you – what a year. But best of wishes to you as well for a happy, healthy 2014!

  2. Heather says:

    Visiting from Fertility Authority. Gosh you have had an awful year. I also had endometriosis but having a lap seemed to help me a lot. I also have immune issues but meds helped that. Plus I had a thyroid problem which meds helped. I found a good clinic and thorough blood testing worked for me. I applaud you for the positive attitude and wish you the best for the year. May you get your miracle like me!

  3. Lisette says:

    So much to go through in one year, in one lifetime. You are a true warrior hun. Sending you so much love xxx

  4. nifwlseirff says:

    *hugs* That’s one tough year. I hope 2014 is a better one for you!

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